AFRICA is an ocean of opportunities. Who gets there first gets the most.

As per an African Development Bank (ADB) report, Tanzania is expected to experience strong economic growth in 2022 and 2023. The entire East African region is going to experience positive economic growth and transition with Ethiopia emerging as a manufacturing hub in East Africa. With Eastern Africa moving up the value chain, India has a great opportunity to establish itself as a major export player especially in the industrial machinery sector.

Realizing the immense potential which the country has to offer, EEPC India has identified Tanzania as the location of next edition of its flagship engineering Show – Indian Engineering Exhibition (INDEE). INDEE Tanzania 2022 will coincide with 22nd INDUSMACH AFRICA 2022 scheduled from 22 – 24 September 2022 to provide Indian manufacturers unmatched exposure to explore export opportunities in the entire Eastern and Central Africa. The exhibition is supported by East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. This is the first time when INDEE is venturing into Tanzania.

Features of 22nd INDUSMACH AFRICA 2022

The INDUSMACH 2022 – East Africa’s largest International exhibition on Industrial Products, Equipment & Machinery. Over the past few years, Tanzania has emerged as a major regional trade centre. This is mainly due to the very friendly and business like atmosphere it offers to foreign investors and products. Duties are considerably low and re-exports to neighbouring countries are either very low or exempted. This year TOOLS & HARDWARE AFRICA 2022 will be a concurrent show with 22nd INDUSMACH AFRICA 2022.

The Diamond Jubilee Expo Center, the venue of the event is one of the leading centers in East Africa that host the award winning and successful international business meetings, seminars and conferences every year. Being conveniently situated in the prime location the centre is easily accessible from various important places of the city. In 2019, exhibitors from over 20 countries participated at the event showcasing the widest range of fascinating Industrial products tools, machinery equipment trade exhibition.